Frequently Asked Questions

Common System Errors

a) Process Timed Out

This error may occur due to your computer/network connection. Please log out, clear cache and log in again. You may also try to connect to another network that does not have strict firewall/security settings.

b) The server has rejected the file

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Whitepaper application form
and CVs

a) Where do I obtain the Whitepaper application form template?

The Whitepaper application form template can be downloaded from the Programme Details page.

b) Is it mandatory to contact the overseas beamline scientist first before submitting a Whitepaper application to SG-ISAP?

Yes, it is mandatory that PI/user makes contact with overseas beamline scientist to first discuss on the feasibility of the experiment/project to be carried out at the overseas synchrotron before submitting a Whitepaper application to SG-ISAP.

c) What are the supported file types and file size limits?

Files must either be in PDF or DOCX format. Each file should not exceed 5MB in size.

d) Is there a page limit for CVs? What to include in the CVs?

Each CV should not be more than 3 pages. Please ensure to include information on your research and beamline usage experience. (Beamline usage can be in SSLS or in other synchrotrons.)


a) What type of funding is available?

  • SG-ISAP will cover fees for approved beamtime shifts, Economy-class return airfare between Singapore and Melbourne, daily subsistence allowance and airport/ground transfers.
  • For beamtime shifts at Australian Synchrotron (AS), lodging will be provided by AS for users/travellers.
  • A maximum of only three travellers will be funded per application.
  • Funding will be provided as a single-line budget and variation is allowable between the amounts determined for airfares and airport/ground transfers. However, if fewer people travel than the number in the application, the maximum funding level will be reduced. The budget will be provided in a separate approval letter after confirmation/allocation of beamtime shifts has been finalised by overseas synchrotron and SG-ISAP.

Review process

a) How will we be notified of our Whitepaper application status?

Results of Whitepaper applications will be made known to PIs/users, via email, about 1 month after the closing date.

Who Can Apply?

a) Applicants must be Singapore-based researchers i.e. holding full-time employment in research/academics/related work or are students affiliated to local institutions, IHLs, A*STAR. They are required to submit their CVs for our verification. They are also to declare their appointment status in their affiliations in the Whitepaper application form.

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