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Merit proposals are peer-reviewed for scientific merit and technical feasibility by external scientific reviewers and a specialist committee. Based on these reviews, proposals are then ranked for each beamline, and all applicants are notified by the user office of the outcomes.

Merit Access - Proposal round deadlines

Dates subject to change

2024-2: User beamtime late May to August 2024
Key Dates
Call for proposals opens 26 October 2023
Call for proposals closes 30 November 2023
User notified From mid-March 2024
Beamlines Australian Synchrotron
2024-3: User beamtime late September to December 2024
Key Dates
Call for proposals opens 20 March 2024
Call for proposals closes 16 April 2024
User notified From mid-July 2024
Beamlines Australian Synchrotron


Use this portal to submit proposals and subsequent experiments for access to the Australian Synchrotron.

Please refer to SG-ISAP's Quick Reference Guide for assistance on submission in the user portal.


  1. No change of approved PI, title, scope of project or requested beam shifts is allowed when the proposal is submitted to the ANSTO website.
  2. Please ensure all information required is included in full proposal submission. Please include enough details to either assess the technical feasibility or to justify the need to use synchrotron radiation to answer your research question.
  3. Please get in touch with respective AS beamline scientists when you are preparing your full proposals. This is to avoid proposals being marked as infeasible.
    IRM Infrared Microscope
    THz THz / Far-Infrared
    PD Powder Diffraction
    SXR Soft X-ray Spectroscopy
    SAXS Small and Wide Angle Scattering
    XAS X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy
    XFM X-ray Fluorescence Microscopy
    IMBL Imaging and Medical

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